• AL MAR Knives
    Al Mar Knives is committed to making unique designs at quality levels that rival custom, hand-made knives. Today, each knife crafted by Al Mar is hand-finished and hand-sharpened by craftsmen dedicated to creating the very best possible. Each Al Mar knife features flat-ground blades for strength and superior performance.
  • Andre De Villiers Knives

    Andre De Villiers is a South African knife maker with a singular over-built style that resonates with knife enthusiasts. From slipjoints, to framelocks and lockback knives, AdV Tactical has a knife to suit your requirements.

  • Bark River Knives
    Bark River Knives is a family-owned business whose goal is to produce the finest semi-production cutting tools available on the market. These products are aimed for use by outdoorsmen and others who need real performance in the field. At Bark River the emphasis is on maximum performance of its products.
  • Benchmade Knives
    Benchmade knives set themselves apart with premium materials, patented mechanisms, and precision manufacturing. Benchmade also offers free LifeSharp maintenance on all their knives, and every blade is 100% U.S.A. made.
  • Boker Knives
    Boker Knives, the “tree brand,” has proven itself a trusted maker of quality hunting, culinary, and pocket knives for over a hundred years. With roots tracing back to 17th century Germany, Boker has established a global presence with Boker Arbolito in Argentina and Boker USA in Colorado. In addition to knives, Boker products include bags, sharpeners, and flashlights.
  • Brous Blades
    When Jason Brous began making knives, he quickly realized that most people were looking for more ‘usable’ type knives. He combined this need in the marketplace with his interest in fantasy knives to create what he calls "Functional Fantasy." His knives are definitely different, but we think that you will love how they feel in your hand.
  • Buck Knives
    Buck has been making knives for over 100 years, and they continue to improve every year. The craftsmanship on a Buck knife is excellent, and they are also dedicated to using the very best materials and state-of-the-art technology to create high-quality knives. They also have one of the best guarantees in the business with their 4-Ever Warranty.
  • Busse Combat Knife...
    In the late 1970's Jerry Busse began making custom knives in a small 16' x 22' cabin with no insulation, heat, or running water. After completing his bachelor's degree in 1982, he became a full-time knifemaker. Making knives on a full-time basis afforded him the time to continue his education and to complete two graduate degrees. He has taught at three different universities while continuing to make knives on a full-time basis.In 1991, Jerry met Jennifer while teaching at Michigan State University and they were married the following year. In 1992 they formed the Busse Combat Knife Company and decided to move away from doing only one-of-a-kind customs, and focus instead, on implementing the use of modern CNC machinery to help produce a few standard models at much more affordable prices. Their combined use of CNC technology and old world craftmanship allowed Busse Combat to push the performance envelope to new heights and to experience dramatic growth.They now operate out of several new buildings and have grown from a one-man knife shop into a very modernized and highly automated production facility. As the company continues to grow and evolve, Jerry and Jennifer strive to find innovative ways to continue improving Busse Combat. Jennifer, who completed her bachelor's degree in Business, is currently working towards the completion of her M.B.A. while Jerry continues to explore the latest advancements in metallurgy and CNC technology.
  • Chris Reeve Knives

    Chris Reeve Knives are known through the world for their beauty and durability. They have a reputation for perfection because nothing leaves the Chris Reeve production facility unless it meets their demanding quality control. Nearly every year Chris Reeve has been awarded the Blade Show's Manufacturing Quality award.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel Knives was founded in 1980 by Mr. Lynn Thompson as a company dedicated to making the strongest knives ready for anything-- anytime, anywhere. From their classic Cold Steel folding knives, to their fixed blade knives, and karambits, they've got their signature strength built into every blade.
  • Emerson Knives
    Emerson Knives was founded in 1997 by Ernest R. Emerson and wife Mary. Since then, it has become one of the most dominant forces in the cutlery industry. Bringing a dynamic and energy to the knife industry, Ernest Emerson is helping to reshape the face of the cutlery industry, as it is known today.
  • Extrema Ratio
    Extrema Ratio, located in Prato, Italy, has been designing, manufacturing and selling high performance combat knives since 1997 enjoying a reputation for excellence that is unsurpassed in the military and tactical knife industry.
  • Fallkniven
    Fallkniven is a Swedish knife manufacturer, that has been in the knife business for more than 25 years, and has built up a large experience of knife making. They are hunters and outdoorsmen, which gives them firsthand knowledge about how a knife should work. This is reflected in the design of their knives - they are safe, comfortable, sharp and strong, qualities you usually want from a good knife. That might be a reason why their knives are so popular worldwide.
  • Fox Knives

    Fox Cutlery is a family business founded in 1977 by Oreste Frati after years of experience in production. Fox has been a leader in innovative knife designs ranging from tactical karambits and fixed blades, to EDC-friendly folders. No matter your preference, there's a Fox knife to tackle the job.

  • Katz Knives
    Keith Derkatz founded Katz Knives in 1991 with a drive to design high quality knives, axes and accessories. Katz Knives are known for their high performance proprietary steels and top-notch fit and finish.
  • Kershaw
    Kershaw Knives manufactures a wide selection of utility, sporting, and military knives. Using only the best materials, they pride themselves on functionality, quality, and value. Every Kershaw knife has a lifetime warranty so your knife will be up to any task when you need it most.
  • Klotzli
  • Medford Knife & Tool

    Greg Medford is a native Arizonan and an ardent American patriot. He is dedicated to hand-crafting and small-scale manufacturing as a part of the new Small Factory Industrial Rebirth of America. Greg is intense, dedicated and makes premium, beefy knives.

  • Microtech Knives
    Since 1994 Microtech has been committed to crafting the finest knives in the industry. Built in the USA and designed by expert designer Anthony Marfione, Microtech knives are manufactured with no compromises on quality and innovation. We appreciate your business and want you to know when you buy a Microtech Knife you are getting one of the finest knives ever made, with the best guarantee in the industry.
  • Ontario Knife Company
    Ontario Knives, since 1942 has been a major knife supplier to the U.S. Armed Forces. During that time, Ontario Knife Company has consistently developed new knife designs utilizing cutting-edge technology, materials, and manufacturing techniques that allow the armed forces and other industries to have the best knives in the world.
  • Pohl Force
    It doesn’t matter who you are, if you appreciate quality, Pohl Force Knives are for you. Pohl Force products are designed to give you the highest level of performance and reliability possible, and each knife is personally inspected by Dietmar Pohl, owner and designer of Pohl Force Knives, to ensure quality all around.
  • Pro-Tech Knives
    Protech Knives is proud to be the first choice of Police and Military professionals around the world. Pro-Tech knives are built to serve, and serve well. Each knife is a blend of the finest materials available and a commitment to craftsmanship. The knives are manufactured in small batches so that time can be taken to individually hand fit and finish each knife.
  • Quartermaster Knives
    Quartermaster Knives (QTRMSTR) was founded in 2012. The principals in the business have a combined 25 years of experience in aerospace and industrial design. At its inception, the goal of the QTRMSTR Knife Company is to design and develop a line of rugged knives.
  • Rick Hinderer Knives
    Rick Hinderer Knives are in many ways synonymous with the tactical scene today. With the combination of designing art knives, and his real world experience as a first responder, this unusual perspective allows him to design hard use tactical folders that are not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but extremely comfortable in the hand. All of Rick’s products are engineered to go the distance when it counts the most – whether it be when life is on the line, or you just need a good cutting tool!
  • SOG
    Since 1986 SOG has been creating the strongest, most innovative multi-tools and knives on the market. SOG strives to be the creators of the most distinctive gear- gear made especially for adventurous people who like to “live on the edge”.
  • Spartan Blades
    Spartan Blades' intent is to provide the modern warrior and outdoorsman with knives that will serve them in a variety of missions and environments. Knives that are highly functional, made from only premium materials and techniques and that look great too! All Spartan knives are manufactured North Carolina with only US origin materials.
  • Spyderco
    Spyderco has spent the past 40+ years crafting the best knives in the world. They're steel experts and ergo obsessed. When you invest in a Spyderco knife, you're buying a top-notch design.
  • Strider Knives
    Strider Knives is devoted solely to the research and development of edges tools made for the harshest conditions. An American company founded and operated by former military personnel, their initial goal was to create a top-quality field service knife affordable to the average enlisted man. Since achieving this goal, Strider now makes a series of edged tools with the same quality and affordability of their first models. Around the globe, people stake their lives on Strider tools. Strider knows this, and they spare no expense when designing and manufacturing their products. Using only the finest materials and latest technology, Strider Knives continues to set the pace in cutting geometry, function and durability.
  • Vladic Daniluk
    Vladik Danilyuk was born in Moscow, and since 1992 lives in Sweden. His main hobby and passion is making knives and unique Damascus steel. He began his work in the old abandoned smithy, built in 1775 - "When I smack Damascus, I feel like an artist creating a picture of a steel palette. This is a world of limitless possibilities and only our imagination sets boundaries. In order to make the perfect knife you need a lot of knowledge and patience, and this is my goal, thanks to hard work and experiments I strive for this."
  • Zero Tolerance Knives
    Zero Tolerance Knives are built to the exacting specifications demanded by military and law enforcement. Their high-performance tactical, combat, and everyday carry knives are made in the USA and live up to their name with the most exacting quality control standards that allow absolutely nothing less than the best. Since their debut in 2006, ZT Knives has teamed up with some of the best designers in the knife industry, making ZT an exclusive and highly sought after brand of knives. Zero Tolerance Knives has been pushing the envelope of knife manufacturing technology and design over the years and have an epic presence in the knife world.
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